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25 People Who Are Unique To Say The Least

These days, uniqueness and diversity are becoming more welcomed and accepted in society. Long gone are the days of being ridiculed and judged for being different. To celebrate uniqueness and individuality, here are 16 people who aren’t afraid to express who they are.

1. Uniqueness and straying from the norm were at one point deemed as taboo in society, but today you’ll see all sorts of different people stepping outside of their comfort zones, expressing who they are and fully being themselves without a care in the world. Some people won’t step foot out of the house unless they are wearing something that adheres to the tastes of the masses, but there are others who dress up for themselves and themselves only. This striped cyclist has no intention of fitting in with his Dr. Seuss-like vehicle and outfit that looks like a cross between Where’s Waldo? and the Hamburglar. One major benefit of embracing such an eye-catching ensemble is that he doesn’t have to worry about cars not seeing him while he cruises down the streets with his purple Crocs. You have to wonder what inspired this dizzying bicycle overhaul and if he has more than one outfit to match it.

2. When you leave the house wearing something less than conventional, you have got to expect to have a few eyes dart towards you in curiosity. This guy found a clever way to turn the tables by wearing a giant eyeball as a headpiece to reflect the stares of unsolicited gawkers. However, how he actually sees is questionable.

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