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People Share Stories About People Who Got Fired Because Of A Post On Social Media

Most people try their best to create a separation between their work and personal lives, but social media can sometimes bridge the two in less than favorable ways. It’s become increasingly important to be cautious of what you post online because some things you want to share with your friends are not what you want your employers to see.

One Redditor asked the community to share stories where a social media post resulted in them losing their jobs. Turns out, a handful of likes are really not worth it in the long run. Here are 25 stories of people who ended up getting the ax all because of a social media post.

1. Simulation: “I was fired over a Facebook post when I was younger and an idiot. I was working a late shift and posted something about wanting to go home and play The Sims so I could re-create the telecommunications store I worked for on it, and then slowly kill off all of the customers. I completely forgot that one of my new coworkers had added me on Facebook a few days before. My boss didn’t find the post too funny.” (Reddit user: Whaabz)

2. Bad Driver: “I was working at a law firm and it was my first week on the job. I had to ride with one of the employees to the UPS store and she was a terrible driver. We had a number of close calls on the route. I posted on Facebook, ‘One week on the job and my coworker is already trying to kill me; Worst driver ever.’ The next day, I got called into my boss’s office. My coworker was sitting there expressionless and a print out of my post was sitting on the desk. It was awkward.” (Reddit user: About40Llamas)

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