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Flight Attendants Share The 25 Things They Wish Passengers Would Stop Doing

Traveling the world on the company’s dime may be the biggest draw for working as a flight attendant, but there are a number of other benefits that make a career above the clouds an attractive one. From flexible work schedules to generous family discounts, it’s no surprise that many people flock at the chance to become part of a cabin crew. However, just like any job, there are grievances that can plague the profession, and sometimes it’s the passengers who are at fault.

Anyone who has worked in a customer service role knows that people can be unruly and the taxing nature of traveling can truly bring out the worst of them. We contacted a few flight attendants to find out what passengers regularly do that make their job a nightmare in the sky.

Here are 25 things flight attendants wish their passengers would stop doing. Take some notes before your next voyage!

1. Passengers Taking Their Shoes Off
Foot swelling is a common problem for a lot of passengers while flying, which makes it understandable that some feel the need to take off their shoes. However, many flight attendants admit that passengers walking around barefoot without socks is something that drives them nuts. Not only is it rude to other passengers, it’s also pretty unsanitary considering airplane carpets are vacuumed regularly, but rarely washed.

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2. Touching
Words are all you need to get a flight attendant’s attention, but many stewardesses complain that passengers will grab their sleeve or coat when they want something. Raise your hand or be vocal but there is no need to touch a flight attendant when they are passing by.

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