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20 Foods You Should Be Eating To Live Longer

Food is a big part of most people’s daily routines. Whether it’s due to tastiness or because your body simply needs energy to survive, it remains a necessity to human life. All food products are constituted by at least one of these four macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates, fat and surprisingly, alcohol. 

However, there are also micro nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that we need to keep in mind in regards to our food. Typically, more nutritious foods (ie. foods that are micro nutrient dense) tend to be whole foods such as whole eggs, oatmeal, chicken, rice, etc. An example of a whole food would be bananas which are filled with potassium and manganese. They also taste great. The potassium helps feed the heart, vessels and the muscles. The manganese is beneficial for the bones, the central nervous system and protein metabolism. This is not to say that there is something wrong with goodies such as Oreo’s, Cinnamon Toast Crunch or the occasional donut. However, it is vital to ensure that the majority of your diet is comprised of whole, nutritious foods. In order to help you make better eating decisions, here are some foods that you should implement into your diet in order to live longer.


Tomatoes are reportedly good for your heart. They are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins A and C, folic acid and also beta-carotene. Lycopene, which is the reason why tomatoes have that bright red hue, are also found in high amounts within tomatoes. Consumption of foods with lots of lycopene has been linked with better heart health.

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