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25 Pictures That’ll Make You Want To Throw Your Whole Computer Away

The Internet is a treasure trove of pictures that have the power to elicit a variety of emotional responses. Most of us seek out the positive ones, which is why adorable animals and blunderous babies tend to dominate cyberspace. However, if you take a gander at literally any comment section, you’ll know that some people are looking to get riled up for no apparent reason.

For those who like to dabble in the realm of less than pleasant emotional responses, there are a number of pictures online that are just waiting to test your patience. This collection of frustrating photos is bound to hit at least one nerve and will help temporarily relieve you of any real-life annoyances.

Here are 25 purposely aggravating pictures that will make you want to throw your computer out the window.

1. It’s surprising that more people don’t just opt for concert DVDs over tickets when, unless you’re in the front row, you’re likely to be watching the concert through someone’s phone screen anyway. There’s nothing wrong with taking a picture, but then there are people who feel the need to record entire songs (that they’ll never actually watch), and the worst offenders tend to have phone cases like this.

2. What’s more annoying than your mailbox filling to a point where you can’t receive any more emails? Your email service provider continuing to fill the said mailbox with emails telling you that your mailbox is almost full. Daily frustration disguised as a new email with the sole intention of psychologically destroying the disorganized.

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