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25 Funny Bosses Who Sent Their Employees Some Hilarious Texts

In the right circumstances, boss-employee relationships can be awesome. In fact, one of my fondest memories of my first job is running away into the forest screaming while my boss chased me with a 3-foot-long water cannon. Ah, the joys of working at a summer camp.

Recently, #TextsFromTheBoss and #TextsFromMyBoss have started trending on Instagram, allowing people to post about the funny, cute, wacky, and downright wild things their bosses text to them. We gathered up twenty-five of the funniest #TextsFromMyBoss, from peppy pep talks to nutty non-sequiturs, for your reading pleasure.

Just … maybe, if you want to maintain your relationship with your boss, wait to read these until you’re not at work, okay?

1. What’s the best part about this image: that the boss is sending it to their employee, that it’s not even a weekday, or that the boss has clearly decided to celebrate God’s day of rest by sharing work-related Jesus memes?

2 Instagram

2. From “I don’t care what you do” to “That’s a terrible idea” in less than a minute. In all fairness, if I got that kind of text message from anyone in my social circle, I’d probably respond the same way, especially if I knew I had to be working with them bright and early the next morning.

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