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24 People Who Messed Up Big Time

Laughter is what brings us together. Whether it is the boisterous laughter of a baby being tickled or the wide grin of your dog as he greets you at the front door, these are only a few instances of smiles and laughter brightening our day.

We all love to have a good laugh at the expense of people’s failures (when they’re harmless, of course). This is a habit of ours that extends back to thousands of years into our past. The Germans actually had a specific word they used to describe the feeling of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortunes: schadenfreude. Before the internet, viral posts and memes, we kept records of people’s failures in other ways such as: in writing, through word of mouth, and via painted images. Today, you can dissect an entire chunk of the internet into the different types of fails that people consume. You have your innocent fails, criminal fails, pet fails, cooking fails and my favorite—spelling fails. If you, like most of your fellow humans, enjoy a good session of pointing fingers and laughing (nicely and anonymously, of course), then this post is for you. Here are 24 people who messed up big time.


If I was this teacher I would probably quit or put my students through an entire lesson on possessives vs. contractions. Dear Lord, this is hilariously bad. Kind of ironic how it says the best teacher ever when their student failed to correctly write that.


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