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25 Pictures That Prove Humor Is Very Important For Family

Humor is a pretty important thing to have in one’s life. It doesn’t have to be just among friends but coming home to your family and expecting to get some fun out of them is one of the best feelings.

I know some of my friends have funny families where their parents will either prank them every so often or poke fun at them and their friends until a sass-off happens. As we’ve discussed many times before, we all know that Reddit is the place to go to find people who talk about their embarrassing albeit funny families and we’ve gathered some of the best to marvel at together.

1. There is basically nothing better in this world than having a pet. Well, okay. I take it back. The only thing better than having a pet is having several and this family knew just what to do to celebrate their furry friends. To commemorate their perfect family, each member got together for this photo where they all ponder very serious things. Well, the animals are pondering serious things. The humans just know they hit a gold mine with this photo.  


2. Parents always like getting some nice art from their kids (at least that’s what they tell us) and this Reddit user uploaded a photo of a family portrait bestowed upon them from their young child. Though, unless this kid is picking up on something the parents aren’t, everyone is a very okay-feeling person. Maybe they took inspiration when the family was waiting at the DMV.

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