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25 People Share Their Most Genius Office Pranks, And Some Of Them Are Beyond Evil

For those of us who grew up watching The Office and thinking that funny office pranks happened every day in the adult world, actually entering the workforce was kind of a disappointment. But, after reading these 25 Reddit stories about people’s best office pranks, you might be inspired to get out there and be the chaos you want to see in the world!

“Photocopied a single paperclip. Randomly placed copies back on the tray. Watched in delight as the machine was taken apart later that day in an attempt find the rogue paperclip that mysteriously appeared on important office memos. To this day, I have never said a word.” (deleted)


“Joe always sped in the store on the forklift. He’d been talked to several times about it and how he could seriously hurt someone. One night he came up to me apologizing that he hit an end cap on the forklift and shifted the entire 50-foot aisle a good foot. Not cool. It’s time to teach this guy a lesson. The store had been dead and we were getting ready to close. I found a stuffed animal and put some random clothes on it and a hat. I clipped it into the seat of the shopping cart and tucked it down an aisle. We made sure the store was empty and I locked up. That’s when we paged him to a certain area knowing he would bring the forklift. Sure as shit he sped through the main aisle and right before he passed me I pushed the cart in front of him.
A coworker screamed “MY BABY!” just as he hit the cart. The “baby” shot out of the cart, flew about 10 feet and landed in a crumbled mess on the floor. Joe screamed and started crying. We came out laughing and told him that’s why he shouldn’t drive so fast and carelessly. He agreed he would be more careful in the future and if it would be okay for him to take off a little early. He sh*t himself when he hit the cart and needed to clean himself up.
Didn’t speed after that.” (snakeoil-huckster) funny os

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