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25 Roller Coaster Photos That Will Make You Die From Laughter

The thrills of a roller coaster may be fleeting, but on-ride photos help commemorate those sometimes hilariously hair-raising moments. With the camera set up to capture the exact moment riders take the big plunge, these souvenirs are always bound to be entertaining. The best roller coaster photos used to be just the expressions of wide-eyed petrified riders, but now these speedy photo-ops have become an art form themselves.

Once intentionally comedic roller coaster photos caught on, the more seasoned riders have continued to go above and beyond to make their on-ride photo a memorable one. From impressively elaborate setups to faces that only an amusement park could generate, there’s no denying that these photos had the gift shop giggling. Here are 25 roller coaster photos where riders hilariously turned big thrills into big laughs.

1. As if popping the big question wasn’t scary enough as it is, this guy decided to do it while plunging down a log flume. You have to admire the coordination that must have been necessary to pull this one off. While these guys may have managed to hold on to the signs during the plummet, let’s just hope Lindsay’s hopeful fiancé was able to hold on to the ring.

2. Cedar Park’s 300 ft Giga coaster Millennium Force may be one of the world’s tallest and fastest roller coasters, but this family clearly has one high tolerance when it comes to thrills. The way this guy managed to put shaving cream on his face is questionable, but you can only imagine how confused the queuing riders must have been when the train came back to the station.

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