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25 Hilarious Snapchat Stories That Will Brighten Up Your Day

There was a time in the not-so-distant past where when we had a funny quip to something we saw, we’d just have to silently giggle to ourselves and bask in our own wit. However, now that we have our phones perpetually within reach, these comic remarks are just a snap away from being shared with the rest of the world. The app with everyone’s favorite winking ghost, Snapchat, has made instant photo and video messaging evolve with hilarious user results.

The whole point of Snapchat is that the photos and videos are temporary, but some users managed to screenshot true story gems that have gone on to become Internet favorites. If your friends and family aren’t quite cutting it in the entertainment department in your feed, fear not. These 25 hilarious Snapchats will brighten up your day and make it hard not to crack a smile.

1. There’s no denying that the smartphone has taken the place of the good ol’ toilet read, which can result in some unlikely Snapchat inspiration. Most people might look at this toilet paper and see the aftermath of a carelessly aggressive past ripper, but this snap-happy user saw the potential for so much more. Hopefully, what followed, was a video of the detached sheet of toilet paper sinking tragically into the bowl’s water.

2. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of going through a car wash is well aware of the whimsical experience of the triple foam conditioner polish encompassing their vehicle. However, this clever Snapchatter found a way to make this aesthetically pleasing moment hilariously morbid.

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