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People Admit The Most Embarrassing Times They Forgot The Name For Something

We’ve all blanked on words every once and a while. If we’re lucky, we’re around nice people when we do it. If we’re not lucky, we’re around people like my family, who still won’t let my sister live down celebrating the “Year of the Mockey” when she was five.

In a recent Reddit thread, people shared the funny word mistakes they’ve made while trying to remember the names of things. The weird, creative word choices people come up with will make you laugh, or at least make you feel a little better the next time you can’t remember a simple word!

“I once had to listen to my mother tell a 10-minute story about all the honkers she saw at the park. Geese. She meant geese.” (Knerdian)

“I once forgot the word for “letters” and asked my coworker how many alphabet numbers a word had.” (allibys)

“So, my dad was making a shopping list a few years ago and needed to get some cat litter. Thing is, he could not remember the name of it for the life of him, so he just describes it to the best of his ability. Now, this story doesn’t end here; my mom also needed him to pick up some ingredient he didn’t know how to pronounce.
So my dad heads to the grocery store and shows the list to an employee so they could tell him where to find the ingredient.
My dad got confused when the employee laughingly told him where to find it. He walked around the store and saw the same employee laughing with a couple of coworkers, so dear old dad looks at his list to see what was so funny. He forgot he wrote “cat sh*t rocks” instead of “cat litter.” That was ten years ago and he still calls it “sh*t rocks.”‘(The_Pantless_Wonder)creativ

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