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25 Genius Clothing Hacks That Are Easy And Cheap

There are some people who take great pride in their wardrobe and manage to keep their garb perpetually in tip top shape for the next wear. However, then there are many of us whose clothes end up becoming unintentional food ponchos by the end of the day. While there’s usually an extra level of care that goes into our favorite articles of clothing, a majority fall victim to the unavoidable misadventures that plague our day-to-days.

Before running off to the mall to restock on some more temporary garb, there are a number of things you can do to ensure the longevity of your clothing as well as fix outfit blunders. These little tricks will make sure your closet remains intact despite the typical clothing complications many of us regularly face. Here are 25 genius clothing hacks that cheap, easy, and will help you get a much grander lifespan from your wardrobe.

1. Break in shoes painlessly.
While you aren’t going to buy a shoe that doesn’t fit, everyone knows the first couple of wears can feel like taking a cheese grater to your heel. Luckily, you can skip this inconvenience by breaking them in without actually wearing them. Simply fill a zip-lock bag with water, place it inside your new shoes, and toss them in the freezer. The water will expand when it turns into ice and will help stretch out your shoes for a more comfortable first wear.

2. Reverse pilling.
One blatant sign of an old piece of clothing is when it starts to pill, those small balls of fluff that tend to form on knitted fabric. However, you can make your clothing look as good as new with the help of a disposable razor. Lay the article of clothing on a flat surface and use the razor to swipe along the pilled area.

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