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New Photography Exhibit Exposes Truth Behind Professional Photos

Photography can be a lot like magic in the sense that the person behind the camera rarely reveals the tricks they utilize to get the perfect shot. However, that’s far from the case for Gilmar Silva. The Brazilian wedding and family photographer lifts the veil on his work by giving his followers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the great lengths he goes to achieve his vision.

Silva’s project, LUGARxPHOTO, disillusions the seemingly magical moments he captures on camera by revealing the sometimes ridiculous efforts that go on behind it. The comparison between the outsider’s perspective shots and the final edited photos not only show how manipulative photography can be but also the talent and creativity at play. Here are 25 of Gilmar Silva’s photos where he exposed what was really going on behind the camera.

1. Gilmar Silva is one photographer who knows that the location is not as important as the overall vision. You have to have one creative eye to pass this dirt road puddle and see the potential for a couple’s pregnancy photo shoot, but Silva managed to use perspective to turn the dismal into something enchantingly mystical.

2. Who needs an Instagram filter when you can create one in real life? Silva certainly wasn’t working with the most colorful of settings when he had his model pose in front of a flower-adorned tree, but that didn’t stop him from creating one vibrant shot. By placing the actual petals of a flower in close proximity to the camera and with the help of some clever focusing, he managed to create a real-life filter by utilizing the nature around him.

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