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These Ultimate Posers From Disney’s Splash Mountain Are Pretty Cool

Most people enjoy a vacation to an amusement park but not all people enjoy the steep drop of roller coasters. Some prefer a funnel cake or a simple ring toss while daredevils prefer to hop on different rides.

Splash Mountain is probably one of Disneyland’s most famous rides in the world. Hailing as probably the major attraction at Magic Kingdom, Splash Mountain is a giant wooden log that takes riders through caves, swamps, and a waterfall. This particular ride has become a major attraction because it combines the excitement inducing aspect of a roller coaster with the wet waters of the mountain that are sure to cool off many visitors. Although many visitors would be scared of the 52-foot plunge, some riders are able to display a facade of courageousness and these in turn end up being some hilarious photos. These photos are then offered for sale at the end of the ride which many people take advantage of since it commemorates their trip to Disneyland. From a game of beer pong to the team of Avengers, here are some hilarious photos that were taken while on Splash Mountain.


Splash Mountain is a ride that is based on the 1946 Disney film called Song of the South. It focuses on the adventures of Brer Fox and Brer Bear’s attempts to catch Brer Rabbit. But it seems like these guys are more interested in imitating Agent Smith from The Matrix.


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