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25 Times Grandma Called It As She Saw It

It has long been postulated that kids say the darndest things. But that unfiltered voice evident in children is also regularly displayed on seniors. Comedy is what brings people together. In fact, being funny is one of the most common attributes that people look for in their partners.

Being funny and making your partner laugh generally ranks much higher than other attributes such as being in amazing shape, being supremely good looking or having loads of money. A good hearty laugh is almost always sought after and these are the moments that we almost always remember and cherish. Whether it is with a group of friends or during a family gathering, these painful, stomach-churning bursts of laughter are what keeps friends and family close. But the funniest moments are when things come out of the blue. When the unlikeliest person says the most outlandish things, we tend to pause, and then just burst out laughing. So when grandmas say some inappropriate stuff it is sure to incite some laughter. In order to celebrate the special wit of grandmothers, we’ve gathered some pretty hilarious anecdotes. Read on to find out 25 instances when grandmothers have been brutally honest. They’re sure to make you laugh!


Grandparents are amazing because they always cook the best food, always want to make sure your stomach is filled to the brim, and all the annoying attributes that your grandparents despised about their own children are all of a sudden ‘cute’ on you. Oh, and it also certainly helps that their judgment and rulings always override that of your parents.  


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