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25 Times People Realized Their Grandparents Were Cooler Than Them

Many millennials automatically assume that their generation is way cooler than previous generations—basically assuming that the younger you are, the cooler you are—but that’s just not true. Grandparents might have been born in a different time, but they still have experienced and seen some pretty remarkable things. But in case you don’t believe us, here are 25 different photos people have posted that prove some grandparents are way cooler than we’ll ever be.

1. Not only did these grandparents take a journey around the world in their Volkswagen beetle back in 1961 but they’re so cool they decided to take the exact same trip—in the exact same car—35 years later. This Imgur user shared photos of their grandparents in Greece, Pakistan, Turkey, France and more as they travelled across the world discovering new places and people along the way.

1Imgur | forloveandabeetle

2. This user’s grandfather casually took on one of the most dangerous occupations in the world back in the day—diving. Here’s a photo of a grandfather who not only dove under submarines in the North Atlantic, carrying heavy welding equipment, but also looked cool doing it as this photo shows him looking spiffy in his diving gear, cigarette and all.

2Imgur | (source)

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