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21 Of The Happiest Dog Pictures That Will Have You Smiling All Day

Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, pretty much everyone can agree that these furry friends are such a gift. They offer so much love and life long memories and can be the perfect addition to a family. These 21 cheerful pooches are sure to brighten your day.

1. Like these proud and happy parents. Have you ever seen more joy and cuteness in one photo? It’s almost too much! From the grinning faces of mom and dad to the bundle of tiny puppies all nestled up together. You can really see the joy radiating off of their faces. I wonder if dogs learned to smile from watching humans, or if it’s something that they do naturally. It also makes me wonder if there are any other animals that are capable of smiling. Most monkeys probably can. Wouldn’t it be weird to see animals like elephants and fish cracking a smile? Even if you prefer cats, there is no way this adorable dog family isn’t warming your heart at least a little bit. This is such a precious moment too because those puppies are going to grow super fast. Knowing Golden Retrievers, they’re probably confused as to why they suddenly have 5 new smaller versions of themselves.

screen-shot-2017-05-04-at-10-49-38-am vinescope

2 And then there’s this tired mama pup who appears to be hiding from her puppies in the bathtub. Imagine coming into the bathroom ready to take a shower and finding that the tub is occupied by your tired pooch? I wonder if this person let her continue napping or shooed her out. How could you make her leave with a face like that?

screen-shot-2017-05-04-at-10-48-59-am vinescope

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