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Optical Illusion Brain Teaser, Most People Can’t Spot The Hidden Animal, Can You?

Sometimes it can take awhile for our sight to adjust on a busy scene and discover what’s hiding right before our eyes. While this can be frustrating in times of necessity, it can also be entertainingly challenging leisurely. Here are 13 hidden animal brain teasers to test your visual ability.

1. It’s only natural to want to challenge yourself and your abilities, which is what makes brain teasers and visual tests so popular. Seemingly everyday photos can be disguising something else with a closer look. YouTube channel, Mind Oddities, have compiled a bunch of images that have hidden animals within them. It can take a good scan around the perimeters of the image before your eyes lock in on the animal. However, observance is a funny thing and it seems to take everyone a different amount of time to solve these puzzles. Each next page will deliver a new and more challenging image that has an animal disguised amongst the scenery. To find out where the animal is, if you haven’t already, click the next page to have a red circle point out where it’s been hiding. Give your eyes a good warm up and see if you can find the bird in this photo of leaves below.

Did you find it? The bird’s color, shape and size blend in so well with the other leaves that it almost takes a solid squint to differentiate it from them. These little sight games aren’t just entertaining, they also help you concentrate, think, and learn to notice the tiny details in an image.

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