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10+ Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Endings By War And Peas

An online comic titled War And Peas has quickly become a viral sensation with its witty humor and dark jokes that leave you scratching your head.

Started by a creative duo at the German-French Border in a town called Saarbrücken, War And Peas is the brainchild of Jonathan Kunz and Elizabeth Pich. The project began in 2011 and has been taking over people’s social media feeds for the last seven years. To this day they have over 73,000 fans on Facebook and over 127,000 followers on Instagram.

Elizabeth told reporters that, “A Scottish bus driver laughed so hard at our comics that he drove right into Lake McGowanshire and died. Our condolences to his family. Thus it has been demonstrated the supreme quality of War and Peas.” The panels often feature black comedy and an extremely morbid sense of humor. The following 10+ comics showcase some of their greatest moments, but we must warn you, do not operate any motor vehicles while reading these! They may cause laughter and distracted driving!

1) The Wedding: This first comic features a hilarious situation where a man bends over to grab a penny, and as misfortune would have it, it causes an enormous tear in his pants! Who would have thought that this action would lead the poor man to his future wife! Huzzah!

2) Adventures of Dr. Carter: In this comic panel, we see two chaps at the beach. One is a reporter and the other is our infamous Dr. Carter. This man doesn’t give any cares in the world. It’s hilarious to watch both of these characters interact! What great enormous fun! Huzzah!

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