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20+ Hilarious Moments When Dogs Realized They Were Going To The Vet Instead Of The Park

If you have ever owned a dog, then you know how much they love going to the park. You also know how much dogs hate going to the vet. It’s very hard to trick a dog into thinking they are going to the park instead of the vet, but sometimes this does happen. If you want to see some really adorable and hilarious pictures of dogs then you’ve come to the right place.

Below is a list of 25 hilarious moments when dogs realized they were going to the vet instead of the park.

1. Oh No: If you have ever been told that you are going somewhere other than you imagined, then this picture sums up exactly what your face looked like. And the same goes for dogs. When this dog found out that they were going to the vet instead of the park this was the dog’s immediate reaction. And we have to admit although the dog is adorable, these play by play photos are hilarious.

2. You Can’t Find Me: This dog owner posted to Reddit saying that their dog Jack does this tactic when they are at the vet. Dog Jack goes to the corner of the room and puts its face in the corner. If the dog can’t see anyone then it thinks that no one can see him. This strategy by Jack probably doesn’t work but it does make for a really hilarious photo.

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