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Here Are Some Hilarious Photos That Will Make You Question Your Sanity

Many things have been misused in the past. Whether it be the handles of a grocery cart or the lid of a Starbucks cup, there are some design specifications that are intended not just for looks but for function as well.

Everyone knows the old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and we all know that to be very true. Pictures can have a wide variety of purposes to them, whether it is for lifelong memories, to understand something better or just for simple house decoration, these pictures generally mean something. Then there are pictures that literally make you have those ‘OMG’ moments that can make you see life in a completely different way. We aren’t talking about seeing a photo of your ex with a new girl. We’re talking about something more useful. In other words, there are photos that may look completely weird and out of the ordinary, but at the end of the day they make you think. There’s a reason behind them and you might actually learn a thing or two. So here are plenty of pictures that will almost definitely teach you something that you did not know before.

  1. If you don’t have a coaster, don’t worry. Simply flip the Starbucks lid over and place it on the bottom of the cup so that it’ll act as a coaster. It will help in preventing watermarks and also hold your drink in place.

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