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25 Hilarious Pictures That Will Make Your Smile Grow

Just because the weekend is over, doesn’t mean that you have to stop smiling. In fact, you know the saying “laughter is the best medicine”? Some people even believe that laughing a ton amount can actually extend your life. Whether you believe that or not, we can all agree it’s key to getting us through a busy week.

1. Hilarious photos are one way to get us laughing. Scrolling through them also makes your day fly by. The internet is full of them. Celebrity photos can be one way to entertain us- whether it’s for fashion or just gossip. But it’s the pictures of everyday people that really gets people laughing out loud. So whether you’re sitting at your desk, staring at the clock or need a break from homework, here’s a list of funny photos brought to you by Reddit and Instagram. Hopefully, they can be the reason why you laughed today. Check out this first photo. Reading conversations between people can be pretty entertaining, especially when people have some witty comments. This dad had some exciting news to announce to the family about a new addition being born. But he noted that the name would be revealed tomorrow. Dylan decided to totally kill the moment by replying “Tomorrow is a really stupid name for a baby”.

2. Have an ex that you want to get back at? Or are just really bitter about your break up? Well, this person definitely did. You can say it’s cruel, crazy…or maybe even genius. This person not only prevented the ex from getting into the car but also made sure that car wasn’t going anywhere by attaching it to the pole.  

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