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Historical Photos That Shed Light on the Past

Reading about historical events is informative, but there’s something magical about being able to see photos of the event for yourself. Here are 25 historical photos that shed light on the time they were taken in.

Muhammad Ali debuts the “Ali Shuffle,” (Texas, 1966): In a bout against boxer Cleveland Williams, Ali first unveiled his signature move: quick footwork and side-to-side movement to distract his opponent from an oncoming hailstorm of punches. He took Williams down with a technical knockout in the third round, and many boxing fans believe that the match was the finest of Ali’s storied career.


The White Night Riots (San Francisco, 1979): Gay men riot after Dan White, the man who assassinated one of the country’s first openly-gay officials, was given the lightest possible sentence for the crime. White got off so lightly in part because he employed what was later called the “Twinkie defense,” where his lawyer argued that his mental capacity was limited by his depression and used his high consumption of fast food like Twinkies to prove it. Many in San Francisco’s gay community believed that the light sentencing was proof of institutional homophobia, and took to the streets to protest.

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