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People From Around The World Share Stories About Their Hometown’s Secrets

People who have lived in or currently live in small towns usually have close ties or feel very strongly towards to that place. Maybe it has something to do with the size of the population in small towns and their usually tightly-knit communities.

Whatever the reason, those who grew up or have lived the majority of their lives in large cities mostly treat small towns with a little disregard. The idea is that when a community is so small it’s unlikely that anything noteworthy can happen. However, small towns can be a source of more than just charm. Apart from being associated with horror movies given their isolation and sparse landscapes, they can also be historical landmarks. Of course, not every small town can be the site of a significant historical event. Some are known for the influential figures who were born or lived there at some point in their lives and others are known for their peculiar customs. The point is small towns consist of more than just farmland, overly friendly neighbors, and a lack of traffic jams. You’ve undoubtedly heard that they have distinct personalities and we are here to prove just that.

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There’s no one better to talk about small town peculiarities than the residents and ex-residents of those towns. We’ve collected various accounts from Reddit users ranging from a little weird to “that can’t be real” of their answers to the question: “What is an interesting fact about your hometown?” Here’s what they had to say:

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