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25 Annoying Things From Horror Movies That Just Wouldn’t Happen In Real Life

The horror genre has a built-in audience that is willing to overlook the many tropes that these films tend to fall victim to. However, even the most hardcore horror fans can admit that there are some clichés that need to buried for good. Recently, there’s been a resurgence of scary movies that cleverly subvert tired tropes, but still, many horror films are plagued by moments of campy impracticality that have us screaming at the screen for the wrong reasons.

An effective horror film can truly get the blood pumping, but it can be easy to lose your investment in a character when they make completely incoherent decisions that ultimately lead to their demise. In screenwriters’ defense, it’s not easy to get a character vulnerable and alone in a cabin in the woods if they have a good head on their shoulders, which is why most end up without. However, these 25 unrealistic horror movie clichés can make a viewing experience quickly go from spine-tingling to groan-worthy.

1. The Single Tap. It’s the moment just after the climax of the film where the remaining blood-soaked characters jump the gun on celebrating. Just after they think they’ve killed the antagonist, it comes back for one final scare. If any real level-headed person was in that situation, they would make sure that that thing that’s just murdered their entire friend group was dead for sure. Why risk it? Mutilate the thing.

2. The Final Girl Fall Down. Despite showing consistent balance and coordination throughout the duration of the film, there’s always a moment where the final girl is being chased by a steadily-paced killer only for her to come tumbling to the ground. Sure, it may be an effective suspense tactic, but it’s one that has become incredibly worn. You would think you’d at least get up a little quicker instead of turning back and screaming.

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