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Hotel Clerks Share Stories About The Oddest Guests That Every Stayed With Them

There are so many different types of services, but one of the jobs that people may take for granted is that of a hotel clerk. They’re in charge of checking guests in and making sure their stay is pleasant, but they also see a lot of interesting things.

When it comes to people vacationing and spending the night, all kinds of shenanigans can go down, and hotel clerks are there to witness it all. A ton of redditors have shared some of the more interesting experiences that they have had with the guests staying in the hotel that they worked in. One Redditor shared the time that a ‘soccer mom’ came to stay. Submitted by QueenKragg, ‘I was working in a hotel and a woman who was staying with her two sons were staying for a soccer tournament. At this time of night, the tills are usually only filled with large bills and we aren’t supposed to give change over $20. But this woman tried to get us to give her change for $200 dollars. She said that she worked as a waitress before and that she understood the pressure of the situation but I still really can’t believe that she tried to get us to do that.’


From Nubois: ‘I’m a Hotel Concierge and once a guy wanted a huge framed portrait of himself to be placed in a woman’s room. Turns out he was her stalker. We ended up having to call the police. I know it’s not the strangest thing to happen but it still gives me the chills.’

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