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25 Photos Of How Famous People Looked Like In Their Teenage Years

We always find ourselves wondering how our favorite celebrities looked like in their younger years. Did they look significantly different? Have they stayed the same? These are the questions we ponder…

It’s pretty normal for photos of celebs when they were kids to surface around the internet. It’s not unusual to see photos of, say, Drew Barrymore when she was a kid around the internet. But what about when these celebrities were a teenager? Those are a little rarer. Teenage years are the most awkward years in anyone’s life. That’s why celebs tend to keep it more behind the scenes…in most cases. But luckily, we’ve found 25 celebs who have posted photos of themselves when they were teens. Some are pretty unrecognizable, while others you’ll recognize right away.

1. Let’s start with the first celeb. Any guesses who this might be? I’ll give you a hint, she’s become one of the most famous supermodels in the world. If you guessed Naomi Campbell, you’re right! Do you think she still looks the same? Some would say yes, while others would say she looks completely different. This one is a tricky one!

2. I’m sure this singer never thought she would be known by everyone around the world for her unique, soulful voice. I wonder if she was singing up a storm when she was that age. Any guesses who this might be? If you guessed Amy Winehouse, you couldn’t be more correct! She’s adorable!

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