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25 Before And After Photos That Show How The World Has Changed Over Time

It’s crazy how much the world has changed. I’m not talking about political stuff, but more about the landscapes and architectures. People don’t really realize it, I mean how could they? You’d have to be fairly old to really notice the significant change. For places that haven’t changed much, it’s nice to know that beautiful landscapes have remained untouched.

But luckily, there are people on the web who absolutely love re-photographies. Re-photographies are “before and after” photos or “then and now” photos. They really enjoy seeing how much the world has truly changed or hasn’t changed. However, these photos do even more than that. They have the potential of telling a fascinating story: a story that comes from just two photos. Using a program called, users were able to compose and upload some of these remarkable pictures. Some of these photos show an incredible change in this world, while others are a bit more subtle. Here are 25 before and after pictures.

1. The first one is of Rysstad, Norway, 1888-2013. During 1888 it appears to be nothing but gorgeous farmland. By 2013, it became more of a little country town with adorable homes. Either way, it looks like a peaceful town to live in, even back in the day, I would have camped out there for a night or two!

2. This is Seljestadjuvet, Odda, Norway, 1887-2014. Looking at the two different times, it seems as though this gorgeous place has remained more or less the same. Why would anyone want to touch it? It looks so peaceful! If you look at the rocks aligned along the water, they are almost in the exact same spot. Incredible!

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