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25 Pictures You Should See If You Are Ever Thinking About Cheating

If you have ever thought about cheating on your significant other, this collection of photos may have you thinking twice. If anything, these photos are definitely acts that seem to prove the old saying ‘All is fair in love and war’ true.

No act seems too extreme for these scorned lovers and their acts of revenge will leave their now insignificant others regretting their act of infidelity. Now, we don’t know too much about these couples or about the specifics of the so called unfaithful acts, all we have is the photographic evidence of the revenge and they are as funny as they are cringeworthy. Without further ado, here are 25 pictures that will definitely make you think twice before you cheat.

1Out the window: Your significant other may have threatened you with it before, but you never thought s/he would ever have the guts to pull it off. Clearly, the lover scorned in this photo felt so overcome with anger and regret that they emptied their apartment of all forms of remembrance of their now ex-lover. Clothes, furniture, appliances, basically anything that was either owned by or reminded them of their ex-lover had to go, and there was only one exit it was taking. The window. If they gave their ex a fair warning, it clearly didn’t give them enough time.

2. Car trouble: The leather interior on this car might need more than just a simple detail. In fact, this might aesthetic damage might be a permanent change. One thing is for sure, this car must have meant something to someone and their significant other knew that the only way to get back at them for their unfaithfulness was a can of red paint to the interior.

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