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25 Illustrations About Women Who Know How Cool It Is To Just Be Themselves

Cécile Dormeau is a French illustrator currently living in Germany. Her illustrations tackle body image and women’s issues in bright colors and soft lines. When asked to describe her work, Dormeau says, “I just want to draw girls how they are. If my followers can recognize themselves in my illustrations and laugh at them (and with them), I hope that it can help them de-dramatize the flaws that they see in themselves,” she said.

“[…] I started doing these illustrations when I realized how much my friends, my sisters (and I) constantly complained about what was wrong with our bodies. It’s not at all a question of morphology,  it’s completely normal to have ‘imperfections.’ But we never see women with bulges, hair or stretch marks in the media, so we tend to think that we are horrible if we have some. I just wanted to draw women as they are.” (Interview with Konbini)

“Criticism about our physique can be overly aggressive and hurtful, and I would like my illustrations to be like a virtual hug to tell people that they are not alone in struggling with their problems and lack of self-confidence. I want to tell them that they are very good as they are, with all their flaws. If people can recognize themselves in my illustrations and laugh at them, it may help them to accept themselves more easily, to dramatize their image and to question what society expects of us. “(Konbini)

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