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25 Photos of Real Things That We Couldn’t Even Imagine

You have to hand it to the age of the internet for providing us with unlimited content at the touch of a button. It should come as no real surprise to us either, that the internet can show us images of our world we couldn’t possibly have imagined.

Sometimes we have a preconceived notion of how the world works around us, or what something looks like in our heads. Back in the day, we wouldn’t really have a way of learning about different perspectives on the world unless we combed through some encyclopedias or saw an image in a newspaper or magazine. The age of the internet has brought us some absolutely miraculous and spectacular images of real things on this planet that we couldn’t have possibly imagined.

Seeing these mind-blowing images posted to our favorite websites like Reddit, Imgur, Facebook, or Twitter, it’s clear that the internet is a fantastic way to broaden our horizons and learn something new about the world around us. The following 25 images of real things we couldn’t even imagine will leave you in awe of this home we call earth!

1) This Shark Egg: A diver in the Pacific located this amazing shark egg laid in the water. Sharks are such extraordinary creatures. It appears to be a bamboo shark or a banded cat shark egg that has detached from its ‘string-like-garland’ structure that is laid by the mother. There are also many species of shark that give birth to live young, including the Great White Shark.

2) End Of The Great Wall: Many photos online depict this massive ancient fortification on land. Created during the Ming Dynasty, this massive fortress stopped nomadic invaders from the ‘Eurasian Steppe’ from entering China. The end of the great wall is located in a structure known as the Shanghai Pass that ends in the Bohai Sea.

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