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30 Creepy Photos Of Snakes And Insects

There are some things that make many people squeamish, like insects or reptiles. Many say an irrational fear of things such as spiders, and snakes are due to evolution since those animals were predators that our ancestors feared back in the day.

Every human being is bound to have something that they fear, whether it be heights, animals, the dark or the supernatural, humans have some unique irrational fears that are subjective to only themselves. Whether these fears are born out of nature or is something that is acquired later in life is yet to be determined. But scientists and biologists have deduced that irrational fears of certain animals are due to our ancestors being in fear of those animals. Thus, the sight of animals that our ancestors feared would trigger the same fight or flight response that would have been incited back then. These photos will make you say ‘nope’ if you are scared of the above animals. From finding a spider in an unexpected place, or a snake somewhere it shouldn’t be, these photos might make you uncomfortable. Check out these 16 pictures that are sure to make you say ‘Nope.’

  1. Coffee is a big part of some people’s day, and caffeine is generally a part of most people’s morning routines. However seeing this is enough to ruin your day and scar you forever. I think sending this picture to your manager or boss would be more than enough justification for taking the day off.

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