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People Who Were Bullies Or Were Bullied Share Stories About The Impact Bullying Has Had On Their Life

Bullying is no joke and should be discussed and treated with care. Bullying, in whatever form, is existent in any organization up to adulthood and should be cured and treated at the root cause.

Bullying is something that has evolved and adapted with time. It used to be relegated to physical shoves or verbal taunts but now with the exponential growth of technology, cyber bullying has become the common method for kids and teens to get under each other’s skin. Back then, kids could get away from the bullying by getting away from school but with social media, bullying follows them from school to home. But the fact remains: bullying is beyond just verbal jousting and physical altercations, sometimes it can be fatal. A thread was created on Reddit where Redditors were given the question: give us the perspective of your bullying experience. Whether it be in the form of the bully, the victim or the bystander, Redditors were asked to share their bullying experiences. But warning, some of these stories may be disturbing and graphic to some of our readers.


‘Back in high school, this girl intensely bullied my best friend and me. She bullied her because she was lesbian and me for having an association. One day I told her to ‘go home and kill herself’ and a few weeks later she did. I felt absolutely no remorse, it may be my fault, it could have been a coincidence. However, I didn’t like her when she was alive. Her death will not change my mind.’ (Crimson_Ghost138)

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