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Hilarious And Inappropriate Questions People Were Asked During An Interview

No matter how much you prepare for a job interview, you can never know for sure what question the interviewer will hurl at you next. While there are the standard queries that are asked to gain insight on past work experience and skillfulness, there are some interviewers who stray from routine completely.

There’s a line between professional and personal and some people have experienced interviewers who stray way too far to the latter. One Redditor asked the community what the most inappropriate question they’ve been asked in a job interview and the responses are shocking. Here are 25 of the most out of line questions job seekers have been asked.

1. Excuse Me?: “My interview was going really great and we’d been discussing the position for about an hour. However, I was completely caught off guard when my Interviewer asked me, ‘What would you do if I took this pen and jabbed it in your eye?’ Naturally, I responded, ‘Excuse me?’ He remained serious so I started getting to answer logically, saying that I’d have to play it by ear because I was unsure of my motor functions after such an event. He hired me. We’re actually still friends to this day but have different jobs now. (Reddit user: Shinjetsu01)

2. Biggest Kill: “I was interviewing for my first major game development job and I got lobbed the question, ‘What’s the biggest animal you’ve ever killed?’ I still don’t know what the intention of this question is, but I think it was just to throw you off guard. I answered honestly and told them while working at an animal shelter I had to hold a dog while my superior administered a lethal injection.” (Reddit user: JoystickMonkey)

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