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Job Applicants Tell Stories About Why They Walked Out Of Job Interviews Before They Ended

Job searching is a slog: networking, tailoring your resume, making unspeakable sacrifices to ancient gods in the hope that they’ll smile on your applications, etcetera. After a while, the search starts to feel like you’re in some horrible, distorted fun house world where it actually makes sense to ask for six years of experience in an entry-level position.

By the time people get to the interview stage, they’re so grateful that they usually try their best to make sure nothing goes wrong in the interview. Except for these people, who were in interviews so unbelievably bad that they couldn’t stick it out for another minute.

From Scientology to sexual harassment, from Bigfoot to burgers, here are 25 stories of how seemingly-promising job interviews went completely off the rails.

1. “The interview started an hour late, and the lady was extremely rude. Her first question was “If you were a Mcdonald’s Hamburger, what would you be and why?” Annoyed, I replied that I didn’t know what kind of burger I would be, but that it would definitely be to-go. And then I got up and left.” (Jonmoj)

20120806-go-burger-go2 Robyn Lee

2. “I actually had my life insurance license, but they STILL wanted to charge me 200+ dollars for their “training” and insisted it was different. So I pulled my cell phone out, called another office that offered me a job the previous day, and accepted the offer in front of the entire group interview. The con artist running the thing was seething.” (anuncommontruth)

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