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This Photographer Shot Bedrooms From All Over The World

The state may have no place in the bedrooms of the nation, but one recent photography series proves that the camera might.

John Thackwray’s long-term series “My Room Project” documents young people born between 1980 and 2000 posing in “the places they sleep.” The project also involves short interviews with the photographed subjects, where they talk about everything from lifestyle and love to poverty and violence. Currently, Thackwray has visited 55 countries and interviewed more than 1,200 people. 

“All these photographs bear witness to the world around us. This is a consciousness project, combining visual anthropology and social photography, which sparks awareness of the diversity of lifestyles, as well as the destruction of traditions, and the rise of inequalities.” (The My Room Project Facebook Page) (ROOM #633: Sibundoy Colombia)

Pieces from the collection have been exhibited in eight countries, including France, Switzerland and The United Arab Emirates. And a book released last year put a hundred of the photos and interviews on display for everyone who doesn’t live in these countries. Huffington Post called the book  “a powerful peek at how the world rests at home.” (ROOM #192 – ANDREEA – Bucharest – Roumania)

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