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12 Times Kendall Jenner Brought Back Paris Hilton’s 2000s Style

The “It Girl” torch continuously gets passed down in Hollywood to the next up and coming starlet. However, current star of the “Instagirl era,” Kendall Jenner, has paid tribute to one celebutante who reigned as a media sensation back in the 2000s. Here are 12 times Kendall Jenner paid homage to Paris Hilton’s style.

1. In 2003, Paris Hilton and fellow socialite Nicole Richie brought in some serious ratings for FOX with their reality series The Simple Life. The show catapulted the duo into stardom and their unapologetic party girl lifestyles and risqué fashion choices made them staples of the tabloids. While embracing the spotlight, Paris Hilton had a number of iconic looks that solidified their place in the pop culture zeitgeist of the early aughts. One of those looks was her sparkly mini dress for her 21st birthday, which Kendall Jenner reprised for her own 21st celebration. “Paris is a family friend, so, like our big sisters, we have always admired her fashion sense,” Jenner told W Magazine in regards to the look. However, this isn’t the only time Kendall has been inspired by Hilton’s innovative style. The high-end model and social media bigwig is bringing back the 00s and infusing her own personal touches along the way.

1 Vogue

Hilton was more than flattered when Kendall donned the same dress for her 21s birthday, telling Vogue, “When I was saying hi to her I looked down at her dress and I’m like, ‘Oh my god that dress is stunning.’ We were laughing about how the dresses look exactly alike and she looked stunning in it, it was such a beautiful dress. To see it re-created just brought back a lot of memories.”

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