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Lawyers Share Stories About Cases Where The Other Side Proved Themselves Wrong

In movies and TV shows, lawyers are polished, smooth and articulate. In real life? That’s not always the case.

Lawyers are human beings, and sometimes, they make mistakes. And even if you’re the best lawyer in the world, if your client’s got a big mouth, there’s not much you can do about it.

We asked lawyers about times when the opposing team has won them the case, and the results range from hilarious to cringe-worthy.  From restricted research to Facebook failures,  here are twenty-five stories of how people played themselves in court!

1. “Man was suing the city for evicting him from a public housing development, and he claims he doesn’t speak English, forcing the city to hire an interpreter for the hearing. The city says he was evicted because he was raising chickens in the apartment and his attorney insists that’s absurd; no one would do that. Everything looks like it is going well for the guy until it comes up that the chickens were given to a farm for slaughter. Guy jumps up and starts yelling “give me my chickens back!” in English. The judge starts laughing. Attorneys start laughing. Case dismissed.” (bagehis)

2. “I worked as an intern for a lawyer. Construction law, in France, are quite strict about the neighborhoods around historical monuments. The city was denying a permit for heavy modification of the house of our clients, arguing that because you could see the house from the church’s bell tower, modifications were impossible. As a support, they “kindly” linked us to a 360° picture from said bell tower. We, as kindly, pointed to them that our client’s house was, indeed, not visible from the top of the church. A building permit was greenlit the following day.” (Nepou)

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