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25 People Share Their Tragic ‘Left At The Altar’ Stories

With divorce rates at an all-time high, it’s no wonder that some couples don’t end up getting married at all.

It’s every bride or groom’s worst nightmare. You’ve planned for months, sometimes years for the special moment, when your entire family and everyone you know is at the church or ceremony waiting for you to say your “I Do’s” when suddenly, your loved one doesn’t show up.

Whether it’s the commitment or sudden realization that your relationship won’t work, these 25 people took to Reddit to share their tragic, heartbreaking, and sometimes comical experiences when dealing with a “Left at the Altar” experience.

1) Toxic Partner: A guy I knew did this. He was nice and very laid back. He was going to marry a toxic person.  Apparently, his friends had been telling him to break it off from the beginning but he wouldn’t listen. The woman he was going to marry was such an awful person. Like, really bad. They had an intervention for him the morning of the wedding and convinced him to leave. He showed up at a festival I was at, and I said “Hey dude! Aren’t you getting married today?” and he just looked at me and said, “Yeah, that’s not happening anymore.” (Reddit user: trjones1)

2) Bullet Dodged: I didn’t technically leave him at the altar, but I left a couple weeks before the wedding. Just a few short days before the wedding I found out he was sleeping with another person. It took me a while to decide not to get married. Then over the next few weeks, I found out he was addicted to intercourse and had been seeing other people for the 9 years we were together. I was almost stuck with that nightmare. Thankful that I didn’t go through it. (Reddit user: eileen8667)

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