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Lovers Share The Silliest Reason They Had To Stop Getting Busy

For many couples, once the mood is right, it doesn’t take long for things to get hot and heavy. However, those steamy moments can be extinguished just as quickly. Here are 25 people who shared times that their lovemaking was interrupted by something ridiculous.

1. After high school, you’d think that the only thing that could kill the mood (parents walking in) would be a distant worry. However, that’s not quite the case as there’s apparently a plethora of things that can halt a home run. Some stories may teeter on a level of embarrassment too severe to share outside of those whose act was interrupted, but behind an anonymous username, Reddit users have shared some of their most shamefully unarousing escapades. One user, ffemtinpa, shared an experience where a few words of encouragement ended up being a complete libido killer, writing, “My wife and I were going at it, she finished first and was waiting for me to do the same. Just as I was almost there, she looks right in my eyes and says: ‘You can do it, buddy.’ Just like that, I deflated like an untied balloon. We still joke about it, outside of the bedroom of course.”

2. Reddit user, mus_maximus, experienced some nibbling from an unfavorable source. “He had this pet rat that he let run freely on top of his dresser, which was beside the bed. While we were in the middle of things, I grabbed the edge of the dresser. The rat was startled and bit my finger tip causing a fountain of blood. We had to take a first aid break.”

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