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25 Happy Couples Share Their Love-At-First-Sight Stories And They Are Beautiful

Love, at first sight, may seem like something that only exists in fairy tales, but some people claim that’s exactly what happened when they met their significant other. While many people confuse lust for love, the following instant connections have proven to stand the test of time.

Cynics may not be so quickly swayed on the idea of such abrupt attraction, but a number of couples have come forward to share their swoon-worthy stories of getting struck by Cupid’s bow. Here are 25 stories people have shared about experiencing love at first sight.

1. High School Sweethearts: “We met in high school about 10 years and I knew right away when I saw him that I was in love. He was snarky and smart and the only guy I’ve ever felt attracted to. I thought he never noticed me until he eventually gave me a love letter. I thought it was a joke at first. He wrote to me that he felt the same way I did when we first met. We’ve been together ever since and he’s still the only guy I’ve ever been interested in.” (Reddit user: GoopBox)

1unverdorben jr /

2. Coat Check: “I met my fiancé while waiting in line at the coat check. He tapped me on the shoulder and made a comment about my tattoo. There was something electric when I turned around to talk to him. About a minute into our conversation, he told me he was going to marry me. Two years later, he was right.” (Reddit user: Geltestr)

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