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25 Examples Of People Having The Luckiest Day Ever

Everyone has at least once had one notably positive yet seemingly random experience that can only be interpreted as luck. In the most extreme cases, a lucky break could involve winning the lottery or surviving a near-death experience. However, sometimes good fortune can be in the little things like finding a five dollar bill on the ground or catching the bus just in time.

The phenomenon of luck happens all the time even though it may not feel like enough to some individuals. Regardless of how you interpret good fortune, there is absolutely no denying that the people in the following photos caught one hell of a lucky break. Here are 25 examples of people having the luckiest days of their lives.

1. It’s only natural to feel weary when driving behind a vehicle transporting contents, but most us have faith that the driver ahead secured their load properly. Unfortunately for this driver, that did not end up being the case for the truck he was following. However, in incredible fortune, he wasn’t driving with a passenger and the loose metal sheet ended up just missing him as it smashed through the windshield. This guy may want to avoid watching any of the Final Destination films.

2. It’s only natural that you’d become less cautious about where you’re stepping when wearing shoes, but flip-flops aren’t the most protective of footwear options. This guy was just inches away from a trip to the hospital, however, he was lucky enough to have this rusty nail just break the skin of his foot.

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