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25 Married People Reveal The Exact Moment They Knew Their Significant Other Was The One

Every married couple had a moment where they realized that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with that person. For every couple it’s different and it doesn’t necessarily happen for both people at the same time, but at one point, they discovered that they’ve found ‘the one.’

One Redditor asked those who are married in the community what the exact moment it was that made them realize their significant other was the person they wanted to marry. Here are 25 of the best responses of people realizing that they’ve found their soulmates.

1. Hospital Visit: “I was a notorious serial dater before I met my husband, but something about him managed to keep my interest. However, the night before our third date, I ended up extremely sick, had to go to the hospital for three weeks, and undergo four different surgeries. I let him know what was up and thought that he’d end things, but instead, he came to see me every single day after work. He would sweet talk the nurses into letting him stay late, got to meet my entire family, and would take care of me. I had a scar on my neck from one of the surgeries and was feeling incredibly self-conscious about it one day. He came in, saw me crying, and just said, ‘I can’t wait to tell all my friends that my girlfriend got stabbed in the neck in a bar fight.’ That’s the moment I realized he was the one.” (Reddit user: PM_ME_toasterstrudel)

2. Slumber Party: “Ever since I was little, it’s been impossible for me to fall asleep unless I was completely exhausted. This problem got worse through the years and could only seem to every tally four hours of sleep a night at most. My husband was my friend for years before we actually started dating. I’d go over to his house, and for some reason, I would fall asleep while watching a movie with him. I’ve just always felt so relaxed and safe with him that I have no problem dozing off. The moment I realized I could rest my head on his shoulder and fall asleep, I knew he was the one.” (Reddit user: loki93009)

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