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25 Memes That Everyone Will Relate To


Memes are today’s Esperanto, transcending location, culture and sometimes even language to communicate common experiences. Wherever you go, cute animals are cute, social awkwardness is painful, and nobody likes jeans with fake pockets.

But there are some memes that are especially transcendent, well-crafted and universally relatable, almost classics. Think of them as the “Great Gatsby” of internet culture, but with fewer heavy-handed metaphors about the death of the American dream (usually).

Maybe future historians will study our high-quality memes, maybe they won’t (I don’t envy whoever is given the job of explaining exactly what happened with Pepe). If they are, I’d nominate these 25 memes for inclusion into the literary canon.

1. The most common fear, even above death and taxes, is public speaking. Speaking in front of a group of people, no matter how small the group is, is guaranteed to trigger the little scared herbivore bit in the back of our brains. But, I guarantee you, people usually aren’t listening to you as critically as you think they are, and they aren’t likely to notice your little mistakes. All you need to do is try your best, and hope your performance doesn’t get much negative covfefe.

2. This doesn’t stop when you’re out of school, either. Catch me planning my entire outfit around my new tie and contorting my body into increasingly uncomfortable positions to ensure that it’s front and center no matter who I’m talking to.

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