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25 Times Men Did Not Understand Their Chores

Men are known to be very literal beings. Whether they are given instructions or making jokes, the result is that they take a very straightforward approach – often the results of which are hilarious. Here are some examples of men who have a very “word-for-word” understanding and/or response to different situations:

1. Reddit user 5ubie posted a photo on Imgur that perfectly captured the struggle he often encounters with his wife. We’ve all been in a similar situation. You’re hungry and you’re with a friend or your significant other so you decide to get some food together. You ask them what they’re in the mood for, and they tell you it doesn’t matter. Taking matters into your own hands, you begin suggesting types of food or places to go but your companion shoots every suggestion down. This indicates that it actually does matter after all even though they have no idea where to go themselves. It’s a very frustrating position to be in, no doubt. Well, 5ubie was tired of receiving the same response from his wife and getting absolutely nowhere in terms of dinner plans. So, after calling his wife to ask what she wants for dinner and receiving the same response as always – “it doesn’t matter”, he decided to make his wife just that…  

2. Reddit user TheGreatChattesby is a clever handyman. His wife gave him simple instructions: “fix the toilette” (the handle of which was broken). So her husband fixed it, albeit in an unconventional way. It’s not exactly pretty, but at least it’s functional. I think we can all agree that he “handled” the situation very well.

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