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People Talk About The Craziest Times They Were Mistaken For Staff

Dealing with customers is bad enough if you’re being paid for it. But having to deal with people when you’re in a store you don’t even work for? That’s rough, buddy.

We asked twenty-five people about the times they were mistaken for employees, and their stories were funny, cringe-worthy, aggravating, embarrassing, and sometimes even sweet!

“I was the only one who wore a suit to my grandmother’s funeral so this happened to me. A random old lady asked, “Excuse me, can you do something, she’s leaking.” She was. Embalming fluid was drooling out of the corner of her mouth. The only person there from the funeral home was a receptionist so I ended up standing by the casket with a handkerchief so nobody else had to see that. Bad day.” (deleted)

“I was at the PX trying to pick out a rotisserie chicken for dinner when a guy came up to me and began asking where a couple of items were located in the store. Knowing that new people were always incoming, I told him what aisle some of the items were in, but then said I was sorry for not knowing where one or two of them were located. He then got mad at me and said I should know the layout of where I work, and he was about to walk away angrily when I stopped him. I let him know that the people who work at the store wore a certain uniform, and as I wasn’t wearing one, I obviously didn’t work there. He still seemed mad, and said, “Well, if you didn’t look like a stocker you wouldn’t have had to deal with me asking you questions!” and then he walked off.” (sentimentmachine)

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