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18 Life Hacks That Will Help You Survive Between Pay Days

Not everyone is great at saving money, but financial woes can be easily alleviated by employing a host of everyday life hacks. Stick to these 18 life hacks that will help you stop throwing away money and you’ll have no problem surviving between paydays.

1. One of the ways a lot of us have started to spend some serious dough is through the ease of online shopping. With the purchase of an unlimited amount of options being just a click away, it can feel impossible not to take advantage of a hot deal. However, to save money on your next online purchase, make sure to clear your cache and browser history. This tip is especially useful for buying airline tickets. Online companies will follow your searches based on your cache and history and will adjust (raise) prices based on this information. Clear your cache and browser history and you’ll start spending less money than you normally would have. Another tip is to always use the guest option when paying online instead of singing in with a new account. To make new customers returning customers, most companies will make the prices lower for their introductory purchase.

2. Lower the brightness on your television and computer screen. Most of the time, there’s no need for your screens to be at full brightness and it can also negatively affect your eye health. Doing this can reduce your power consumption by up to 40%, which will result in you saving some hard earned cash.

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