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28 Photos So Painfully Awkward You Can Actually Feel It

We’ve all experienced those moments in life that are so painfully awkward that we’d rather shrink to the size of a peanut and disappear forever. If you’re an awkward person, you can probably relate to that better than most people.

Awkward moments suck. Whether you’re just experiencing the awkward moment yourself or just witnessing it, it’s always a difficult task to have to endure a painfully awkward moment…especially if you have no way of escaping it. It is quite interesting to note that ‘awkwardness’ is not an innate attribute. Kids or infants can experience shyness or embarrassment but they certainly don’t experience these ‘awkward situations’ that adults and teens so commonly face. Whether it is a chance encounter with your ex or that gym crush you just so happen to bump into after not showering for 2 days, we all endure moments where we literally want to run away. That cringe-worthy feeling accompanied with sweaty palms and a churning stomach are all proponents of an awkward and anxious moment. Well, in case your own life isn’t awkward enough, here are 28 photos that are so painfully awkward that you can actually feel it.


1. You know your family is a bit too close when someone has no shame in taking their pants off during a family photo. Seriously, why would anyone do something like this? (Good luck using that as the family Christmas card.)


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