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25 People Confess The Most Embarrassing Things They’ve Ever Done For Love, And They’re Pretty Bad

Love makes us all kind of dumb. Recently on Reddit, one poster asked, “What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done for love,” and people delivered.  From musical mistakes to poor pickup lines, this list contains 24 of the most cringeworthy love mistakes ever committed.

“I was just beginning to taste freedom. I had my first job, my first car, and I was finally depositing some cash into my own bank account. The teller at the branch I normally visited was really cute. Conversation came easy with her, which was a big deal because I certainly didn’t know how to talk to girls. Normally, I would have followed my never-ask-a-girl-out-at-work rule, but I decided that I had too many rules that started with “never-ask-a-girl-out-insert-situation-here.” Now or never, right? Do or die, right?
I drove down to the bank with my heart pounding, walked in and right up to the velvet rope to traverse my way up to the teller. Back and forth, left and right between the furry lines. I finally made it to the front of the line only to realize that she wasn’t working the counter that day… she was working the drive-thru. I deposited my check with Tom… the only male teller in the branch. As he was getting the paperwork in order, she turned from the drive-thru window, saw me, smiled and waved. Encouragement!”

“I left the bank and made a beeline for my car where I hastily searched for a blank piece of paper and something to write with.
I pulled around to the drive-through. The only lane that was open was the third one, the one furthest from the window. She saw me pull up and we spoke over the intercom. “Hey! Weren’t you just in here?” she asked. “Yup, I forgot to deposit something.” I replied. “What is it?” she persisted. “Uh, you’ll see.” I answered lamely. I slipped the piece of paper inside the vacuum tube, said a prayer, and sent it through. My heart was racing as I watched her open the vacuum tube and unfold the paper where I’d scrawled, “Let me take you out to dinner some time.”
The intercom clicked on. “Thank you” she said, in a tone that really meant, “we’re done here”. Confused, I said, “but did you…” “THANK YOU” she cut me off. I drove away and never returned to that branch. To this day, that situation still holds several records in my life including “furthest distance I’ve been rejected” (must have been about 20 ft) and also “rejection through use of intercom device”.”

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